About Edge

At Edge Power Skating, we know the foundation for great hockey is great skating. But the fact is, most hockey programs are more about the puck than edges and speed. That’s where we come in.

Our instructors, combining the best of figure skating and hockey, are experts at teaching the proper power skating technique. Using a competent, compassionate coaching method, we build on individual strengths and correct areas of weakness, step-by-step. That’s how we help your child build confidence on the ice and develop the powerful edges and strides necessary for top speed.

At Edge, our coaching philosophy is unique:

  • We are a player-focused organization. That means we get to know players, and track their progress, at every session
  • We know that while each player’s learning style is different, they all learn by: Seeing, Hearing, Doing, Feeling, Speaking, Repeating
  • We teach proper power skating technique step-by-step
    • Each element is  explained from head to skate
    • Each element  is demonstrated
    • Drills are repeated several times
  • We know that with positive encouragement, players work hard, learn fast and achieve results