Advanced Backwards & Defense 11-13yrs

This session is for players 11-13yrs playing AA or AAA who want to take their skating to the next level.  Improving speed, agility, quickness, balance.  The Advanced Backwards & Defense program has been created the elite defensive player. For this advanced session, players will have a greater focus on backward edges vs backward stride. The second half of the skate will focus on defensive transitions, defense pivots, backward fast starts, and more. Our drills are progressive; meaning we will start with simple drills building to more complex drills as the player improves. A fundamental of power skating is “go slow to go fast”; players need to push properly before we can get them skating faster.

This session if for Minor Peewee AAA, Peewee AA-AAA, & Minor Bantam AA and MUST HAVE COMPLETED a minimum of PS 201 intro