The Backwards-Defense program will focus on proper skating technique for backward stride, backward edges and backward crossovers.  The program will be split 50/50 on backward skating fundamentals and defensive drills. The defence specific drills will focus on proper skating execution (vs doing the drill, repeat the drill; skate harder, harder and harder) - our focus is on proper skating technique which leads to speed. Defensive drill will cover defensive pivots, transition turns, mohawk/pivots, reverse pivots and  more. The Advanced groups will focus on backwards edges (vs backward stride) and have more complex defensive drills.

Should your players who plays forward take this program? YES, yes and yes - the better all round skater your player is the better he/she can move around the ice with ease. Backward skating is excellent for improving agility, balance and transition

This program is for players at the PS 201 intro level or higher.  To learn more about this program click here

Cost will be pro-rated when registration is after the start date.


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