PS 101 – Advanced

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Ages 7-10 – Players are grouped according to age/ability

8:1 Instructor-Player Ratio

Advanced Power Skating is for players who have mastered the Intro program. Building on the core skills learned in 101 Intro, players focus more on backward skating technique and forward crossovers, and use the puck in drills.

With the goal of building the foundation for technically correct skating ability, we teach the following core skills:

  • Forward Strides
  • Backward stride
  • Forward Crossovers
  • Stops
  • Forward Inside and outside Edges
  • Some Pivots and Turns
  • And adding puck handling to all the skills above

The following skills must be mastered:  

  • Forward stride – at speed with a puck
  • Tight Turns/U-turns with a puck
  • Stopping – both sides and with a puck
  • Backward stride with a puck
  • Developing forward crossovers

Players often repeat this session 2-3 times to achieve mastery before moving on to Power Skating 201.