PS 201 – Advanced

Ages 10-12 –  9 yrs – AAA, 10 yrs  - AAA, AA, 11 yrs – A, AA , 12 yrs, A & HL

Power Skating 201 Advanced builds on the core skills learned in 101 & 201 Intro. Specifically, we teach the following skills at higher speed: stops,  forward strides and crossovers, tight glide/U-turns, figure 8s, backward stride , quick turns and smooth pivots.

Developing skills:

  • Fast starts
  • Backward inside and outside edges
  • Backward crossovers
  • Turns & Transitions

The following skills must be mastered:  

  • Forward Inside and outside edges with puck
  • Forward cross overs, with puck
  • Figure 8’s – forwards with puck
  • Pivots

Please Note: This level is open to all players from A-AAA because we work on personal skill building. As a result, progress is tracked on an individual basis.

Players often repeat this session 3-5 times to achieve mastery before moving on to Power Skating 301.