PS 201 – Advanced

Ages 10-12 –  9 yrs – AAA, 10 yrs  - AAA, AA, 11 yrs – A, AA , 12 yrs, A & HL

Power Skating 201 Advanced will focus on Forward inside and outside edges with a puck , Backward inside and outside edges, 1 foot edges,  forward crossovers at speed with a puck, tight turns, figure 8's, 360's and pivots.  A players lateral movement provides increased alternatives to moving around the ice. Building on PS 201 intro outside edges now have to be done with a puck, forward crossovers with a puck around circles, pylons and down the ice. Forward one-foot edges also needs to be mastered.  We will teach proper weight placement on the blades, free leg position, blade position, upper body control and more. Coaches may move players around groups to entire their develop well at their level.


The following skills must be mastered:  

  • Outside edges with puck
  • Forward 1 foot edge on right and left foot
  • Forward crossovers, with puck
  • Figure 8’s – forwards with puck
  • 360's with a puck

Developing skills - backward edges, defensive pivots, backward crossovers


Please Note: This level is open to all players from A-AAA because we work on personal skill building. As a result, progress is tracked on an individual basis.

Players often repeat this session 3-5 times to achieve mastery before moving on to the next level