PS 201 – Intro

Ages 9-12

9 yrs – AAA, AA, A , 10 yrs  - AA, 11 yrs – A, 12 yrs, A & HL

Power Skating 201 Intro is the second phase of a players skating development. This program will focus on Forward and backward edges, forward crossovers, tight turns, figure 8's and 360's.  When your player first started skating - they primarily skated back and forth in a straight line - in a straight line to the puck.. As their ability develops the need for lateral movement helps with increased alternatives to moving around the ice. Forward inside and outside edges are the foundation for crossovers and turns. Mastery of these edges are essential for strong crossovers and turns. We will teach proper weight placement on the blades and body transfer from edge to edge.

Please Note: This level is open to all players from A-AAA because we work on personal skill building. As a result, progress is tracked on an individual basis.


The following skills must be mastered:

  • Forward inside with a puck
  • Forward outside Edges
  • Forward Crossovers
  • tight turns with a puck
  • Figure 8’s

We develop

  • Backward inside and outside edges
  • 360's

Players often repeat this session 3-5 times to achieve mastery before moving on to the next level