PS 301 – Intro

Ages 11-13 - 11 yrs – AA, AAA, 12 yrs - AA, 13 yrs - A & AA  

Power Skating 301 is for players who have mastered Power Skating 201 and are ready to work at top speed. This level builds on the strong foundation of 201 by introducing quickness and agility - through long and short drills designed to improve transitional play and quick feet movement while maintaining balance. Specifically, we reinforced skills from PS 101 & 201– Forward stride, stopping, backward skating, tight turns, forward crossovers, Forward inside and outside edges, figures 8’s, pivots and turns

The following skills must be mastered:  

  • Backwards Inside and outside edges with puck
  • Backward crossovers with puck
  • Fast Starts
  • Pivots and turns – with puck

Please Note: This level is open to all players from A-AAA because we work on personal skill building. As a result, progress is tracked on an individual basis.

Players repeat this level as many times as necessary to achieve the greatest power skating mastery possible.