PS Strong Edges & Crossovers

MUST HAVE COMPLETED a minimum of PS 201 Adv

Did you know there are 8 Edges in skating? Can you name them .... it doesn't matter because we will coach your player on all 8! This session is a hybrid of PS 201 & PS 301.  Our primary goal is to have players skating down the ice doing technically perfect crossovers at full speed with a puck while keeping their head up the entire time(..... and scoring of course, but this specialty we will leave to the hockey and shooting programs). Objective 1 - forward crossovers; Objective 2: backward crossovers. To achieve any level of perfection with crossovers you player must have a level of mastery of all their edges. We will work on forward inside and outside edges, backward inside and outside edges, forward 1-foot edges, backward 1-foot edges. Since we try to get your player to PERFECTION ... likely your player may want to try this class several times.

Tracey Dorr, owner/founder " As a figure skater, it took me 5 years to perfect my forward crossovers... and still, after I received the ok from my coach,  I practiced this core skill every practice!"