PS Fast Feet and Forward Stride

MUST HAVE COMPLETED a minimum of PS 201 intro

Fast Feet and Forward Stride has become our most popular program.! Fast feet entails getting the feet/skates moving as quickly as possible in those first few steps. We work on fast starts from a stationary position and from a glide. We have a number of agility drills to help increase acceleration and many many fast feet drill to help the legs move quickly. We have combined fast feet with forward stride because forward stride is essential to master to help with fast feet. In forward stride we cover; proper upper body position, free leg position, skate blade placement, skating leg, knee bend and more. We spend a good amount of time on the proper way to push off the blade to leverage the most amount of power. Then we combine the two together; Fast starts into forward stride. 

For advance level (11yrs+) we added compete drills.

This sessions is repeated several times .. because its fun.. and needed in today fast paced hockey game.