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Advanced Power Skating 15yrs+

This session is for players Minor Midget and older (15yrs and older) playing AA or AAA who want to take their skating to the next level.  Improving speed, agility, quickness, balance.

Your player must have strong skating skills. We will customize the skate to the players skating needs and requests. The focus will be on technical skating. For example; the proper position of the free leg, how to push with more efficiency and power, getting better control of the core.

Our drills are progressive; meaning we will start with simple drills building to more complex drills as the player improves. A fundamental of power skating is “go slow to go fast”; players need to push properly before we can get them skating faster.

Skills we work on include Forward Stride, Backward Stride, Stopping, Fast Starts, Forward Crossovers, Backward Crossovers, Turns, &  Pivots.

 ***All sessions AFTER the start date will have pro-rated pricing***

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