Success Stories

My Guys got the edge from Edge

The 2008 Leaside Red (NYHL Select Tier 2) 2016-2017 season is an excellent example of team success. Edge power skating began training the team as 6-year olds in Tyke and continued through their Minor Novice and Novice seasons. The focus in the Tyke year was to have the players skate with speed and confidence with strong fundamentals in their forward stride, backward stride, stopping and tight turns. The team accomplished the goals and was skating at full speed with the puck by the end of the season. The Minor Novice year was spent focussing on edge work; we worked on forward crossovers, more variations of turns, backward crossovers and because they were advancing so well we started working on fast feet/acceleration. By the end of the season the team was executing forward crossovers with a puck with ease. Mid-season Brad Bull, Head Coach, said, “Our team skating is incredible! The benefit is that my team can now focus in our team practices on passing and the results are showing up; we’re starting to move the puck much better than the other teams in our loop.” Having a Minor Novice team (7-year olds) passing the puck to teammates around the ice is quite advanced for this age group. For the Novice season, Tracey encouraged the team to start working with Ryan Milanovic on the Edge Power Skating coaching staff. Ryan’s strength is leveraging a player’s already strong skating abilities and moving to higher tempo and game specific drills. Brad said, “We weren’t sure when Tracey suggested Ryan as our training coach for the Novice season because we wanted to really take our game up to a new level. Ryan ended up being a perfect fit; he has an impressive hockey background, was aware of the work Tracey had done and was able to build off this foundation”. In both the Tyke and Minor Novice seasons the team made it to championship round of the league playoffs and lost, however, in their Novice season they won the NYHL Tier 2 Championship! The majority of the team will become the Leaside Minor Atom GTHL AA team for the 2017-2018 season.