Success Stories

Spot on!

I have already said to a number of people who have asked me how it is going - the differentiator in your program is the fact that you teach “fundamentals at a slow pace, while exaggerating the movements”. Even though Ryan is only 7 (going into Novice) - he has been to too many sessions where I watch the coach blaze through the cones at 100 miles an hour and then ask the kids to follow. So the kids try to do it as fast as they can, but they never have the opportunity to see/feel/understand what they are fundamentally supposed to do from a skating aspect. That is why we enrolled with your program and I can already see a difference. Note: you are also correct in that, he absolutely does not have the same motivation to go to your power-skating sessions as he does to go to “hockey” events, which he loves to do - but we keep reminding him that hockey will be even more fun, when your skates do what you want them to do. He seems to buy in.