Success Stories

Unbelievable Progress

Nathan has taken what people called power skating but it was not power skating. It was more along the lines of fast paced drills in small groups. He did the Canskate program before he started hockey and that was beneficial, but I needed to get him in something like your program a lot sooner. He associated power skating with suicides instead of what it is. Thus, he was reluctant. After the first class with you there was a noticeable difference in his attitude. I'm also seeing a difference in his stride and stance. A long way to go but going in the right direction As I say to Nathan all the time, NHLers constantly work with people to improve their skating. The game is all about speed now. Just watch McDavid. His skating is exceptional. Also, as you get older the differences get smaller and smaller. If your skating is that much better it can help you immensely. Then it becomes more about who is the smarter player out there.