What Is Power Skating

Power Skating is, simply, the proper technique of skating. It is specifically designed for hockey with the goal of improving a player's skating ability.

The most important skill in hockey is skating.

The Edge Power Skating program has been designed to strengthen hockey skating while at the same time building your player’s confidence.

Offered at various levels of age and skill, our power skating programs deliver real results. Your child will learn:                  

  • Better Balance & Agility
  • Improved Power & Speed
  • Proper Body Position
  • Heightened Blade Awareness
  • Powerful Forward & Backward Strides
  • Smooth Crossovers
  • Fast Starts & Stops
  • Efficient Tight Turns
  • Smooth Quick Pivots

Sound hard? It’s not.  We’ve got the know-how, the passion, and the programs to maximize your player’s potential, make learning fun and achieve results. Great hockey starts with great skating. Get The Edge today.